bid bid 2 verb bid PTandPP bidding PRESPART [intransitive, transitive]
1. FINANCE to offer to pay a particular price for something such as goods, property, or bonds:
bid (something) for something

• He bid £69,000 at Sotheby's for an 18th century wine glass.

2. FINANCE to offer to buy a large number of shares in a company and so take over the company:
bid (something) for something

• The company is bidding 910p a share for control of AB Ports, in a deal worth an estimated £2.8 billion.

3. COMMERCE to offer to do work or provide services for a fixed price, in competition with others:
bid (something) for something

• Investors have bid a record amount of cash for Venezuela's oil operating licences.

• The government has invited companies to bid for gas exploration rights in the west of the country.

— bidder noun [countable] :

• bidders for the franchises

— bidding noun [uncountable] :

• The painting made $14 million in frenzied bidding at Christie's.

bid something → up phrasal verb [transitive] FINANCE
if people bid up a price, they cause it to increase because of the competition between them in bidding:

• Investors have bid up the company's shares about 25%, despite disappointing operating results.

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bidding UK US /ˈbɪdɪŋ/ noun [U]
COMMERCE the action of offering to buy something for a particular amount of money, especially at an auction (= public sale): »

For the first half hour of the auction the bidding was slow and cautious.


He opened the bidding at £2,000.


online/internet bidding

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